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been in my head for dayz @_____@

Anonymous asked: Please stop feeding your own ego! It's not doing you any justice, I'm very hopeful that you'll find a new hobby that won't be a big waste of your time..but I'm tired of these pointless anons now and those oh so hurtful things you say (sarcasm obviously!)So have a nice day and a nice life n_n hope you don't miss me too much.

(Also in reply to your other two messages)

If it wasn’t for my bf and I wanting to know which “friend” was the enemy through the sloppy trails you left behind, I would have just ignored your remarks.. that’s why I’ve wasted so much time on this.

but we already know that your name starts with an E and ends with an A (yes, I am kind enough to help conceal your identity).

I’ve never in my life met or spoken to you. I’ve never been affiliated with you in any way, not even through social networking. Our lives are almost completely parallel, yet dislike me because I’m with your ex who wants nothing to you. You act like I stole him for you or am the reason he no longer talks to you, but I am not. He made the decision to not talk to you through YOUR actions and y’all broke up YEARS ago, so let it go.

You claim to be so intelligent, flaunting your so-called reason and morality, yet you have no legitimate or valid reason as to why you “really dislike” me. That’s not very ethical.There are so many other things I would like to point out, but I simply do not have the time or effort to. It’s unbelievable, how you are just SO hateful, but I am grateful that I am not the one with hate consuming me.

You have been at this with me for almost A YEAR now, harassing and stalking me through cyberspace -and I didn’t doubt that you’d continue to do so for the rest of your life, but I guess this anon proved me wrong. Finally!!!! So happy you’ve decided to do something with your life and stop obsessing over mine. It’s obvious that you find a sense of security and sanity through the mask of anonymity, but too bad, we already know who you really are.

Ps. I wasn’t trying to say “hurtful things”, I only wanted you to see the truth.

Anonymous asked: When is the last time you took a college class?

Spring of 2014.


My stalker didn’t take the bait I left her :(

Usually she takes it and submits another ludicrous statement, but this time she just asked a question and checked my page to read my reply the next day without saying anything.

You can’t pretend to not be a stalker by not asking another question (thus attempting to make it SEEM as though you are not stalking my page) and still visit my page. That’s still considered stalking. 

You can’t fool me or anyone else. 



If your name is on one of these I just wanna let you know your parents are basic bitches with no creativity


^butt mad clown who wishes it had its own coke bottle with its faggot ass name on it

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Anonymous asked: Also I've noticed you only post certain anons. Lol silly girl (; I guess my words are too much for you. Have a nice day, I know I will.

I do only reply to some anons, but some are not even questions, they are just like “hey” lol. I also do not have the time to answer them, because I’m not a stay at home stalker like you are. I guess that clears up how you manage to ask me so many questions and check my page for answers on such a compulsive basis. I’ve heard crazy stories about how super stalker fans become upset with their obsessions for not acknowledging them. I wouldn’t want this to turn into that :/. Don’t be upset with me for not replying right away.. okay :)?

Anonymous asked: Stalker? No..I'm just a person that really dislikes you (: Don't flatter yourself because I'm definitely not interested in stalking YOU. You're not as intelligent as I once thought, sure you can throw out some big words in your diction but are you even capable of comprehending?

You state your opinion of my intelligence as if I care, but I don’t n_n Don’t worry, I can comprehend that you have all of time in the world to visit my social network sites because you dislike me SOOO MUCH. It’s almost sweet of you… Checking my news feed day after day :) I do not know what else you would call that if it is not stalking -considering that you “dislike ” me…. Would you take a look at your thesarus for me? Search: stalker

Anonymous asked: Oh please sweetheart, like YOU'RE doing the world any good with those lackluster "dance covers". What happened to wanting to change the world and making a difference? You're just a run of the mill female that can't be picked out of a crowd for her own worth.

I wish I had time to sift through a thesaurus all day like you. I am not trying to make a difference through my dances, but it would be pretty cool if I could. Can’t a girl have some fun :)? I still plan to make a difference in the world, but I want to do that through a career, and I am focusing on myself until school starts again.

Anonymous asked: You seem so busy how do you have time to take college classes?

I am not taking classes this summer.


Happy Synthesizer dance cover by meeeeeeee :3

One of my favorite performances :>

Anonymous asked: Your bf must be some sort of pedophile because you seriously look like a 12 year old boy/girl. Whichever.

He’s not :) I’m actually 20 years old.

And to answer your second question… Yes, I know you asked it, do not attempt to state that you did not (quoth you): “Why did you remove your second dance video? :o”
I did so because I might have better plans for that particular dance. Not sure yet.

Ps. Your first question sounds like you don’t like me for whatever reason n_n but then you turn around and sound oh SO concerned about my YouTube video… How funny, huh..
If you’ve seen my dance videos (according to your second question, you have) it I obvious that I am a female. You’re so silly!