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been in my head for dayz @_____@

Anonymous asked: Please stop feeding your own ego! It's not doing you any justice, I'm very hopeful that you'll find a new hobby that won't be a big waste of your time..but I'm tired of these pointless anons now and those oh so hurtful things you say (sarcasm obviously!)So have a nice day and a nice life n_n hope you don't miss me too much.

(Also in reply to your other two messages)

If it wasn’t for my bf and I wanting to know which “friend” was the enemy through the sloppy trails you left behind, I would have just ignored your remarks.. that’s why I’ve wasted so much time on this.

but we already know that your name starts with an E and ends with an A (yes, I am kind enough to help conceal your identity).

I’ve never in my life met or spoken to you. I’ve never been affiliated with you in any way, not even through social networking. Our lives are almost completely parallel, yet dislike me because I’m with your ex who wants nothing to you. You act like I stole him for you or am the reason he no longer talks to you, but I am not. He made the decision to not talk to you through YOUR actions and y’all broke up YEARS ago, so let it go.

You claim to be so intelligent, flaunting your so-called reason and morality, yet you have no legitimate or valid reason as to why you “really dislike” me. That’s not very ethical.There are so many other things I would like to point out, but I simply do not have the time or effort to. It’s unbelievable, how you are just SO hateful, but I am grateful that I am not the one with hate consuming me.

You have been at this with me for almost A YEAR now, harassing and stalking me through cyberspace -and I didn’t doubt that you’d continue to do so for the rest of your life, but I guess this anon proved me wrong. Finally!!!! So happy you’ve decided to do something with your life and stop obsessing over mine. It’s obvious that you find a sense of security and sanity through the mask of anonymity, but too bad, we already know who you really are.

Ps. I wasn’t trying to say “hurtful things”, I only wanted you to see the truth.

Anonymous asked: When is the last time you took a college class?

Spring of 2014.



If your name is on one of these I just wanna let you know your parents are basic bitches with no creativity


^butt mad clown who wishes it had its own coke bottle with its faggot ass name on it

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Anonymous asked: You seem so busy how do you have time to take college classes?

I am not taking classes this summer.


Happy Synthesizer dance cover by meeeeeeee :3

Anonymous asked: "I already know that I'm destined to live a short life." I hate when you write shit like this. You are such an amazing woman. You are brilliant, quirky, funny, sexy (when you want to be) and remarkable in every way a woman can be. I only had the pleasure of knowing you briefly and I know YOU ARE ALL that. All you use to write about was helping the environment, well I ask that you now help humanity and let someone in the future be privilege enough to have you in their life = A Veteran

OLD POST REPLY: I apologize for not replying to this post sooner. To this day, I cannot come up with the right words to respond with for this… Sorry…. but I genuinely thank you for your constructive kindness, whoever you may be.

Anonymous asked: What's it like to be able to turn your good looks on and off at will? When you want you look HOTT you do, and when you don't want to you don't.

OLD POST REPLY: If I by any chance have the ability to do this…… It’s like “I don’t want anyone to bother me today and ain’t nobody got time for looking good” (dresses however). Other days it’s like “I think I’m gonna have an awesome day today, let’s induce this prediction!” (dresses up, does hair).

Anonymous asked: I think you are so beautiful and smart....but damn you're weird. Any idea where that comes from?

What is weird to you? Something strange? What is strange to you? Unusual? There’s probably a place out there with more people like me… but there I would be ordinary. Who wants that? No one wants to be a “basic bitch”, but apparently that’s what the norm here likes. I don’t like common things. I’m not saying that I dislike common things; I am saying that the things I like sometimes happen to be uncommon. love novelty. I like things that have good meaning and give good feelings. I like to drown myself and get lost in things that inspire or captivate me, but I guess some of those things I like are weird to other people. I don’t mind. I’ve always been true to myself and what I like even though everyone else might dislike or not support it. I’ve never been one to follow crowds to fit in, try to be normal or blend in. I do not have intentions of standing out, I just want to be my own distinctive and original self. I guess that makes me weird *shoulder shrug* :p

Anonymous asked: post a video of you twerking

You didn’t see it!?

Forever in my head.